YA fantasy fiction, clean books for teens, shape-shifting, magic kingdoms, elemental abilities, indie publication, princesses, fairy tales, nanowrimo winner, desert setting
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The Spectra World: Expanded Timeline

Vinlanders first settle the Spectra continent: 20 years before the 1st Year of Freedom

Mira's Griffin

1st Year of Freedom

Rise of the Vliek empire: Year of Freedom 104

Fall of the Vliek empire: Year of Freedom 320

Vespucian "humans" discover the Spectra world: Year of Freedom 430

DreamRovers series:

Year of Freedom 490

The Great Stygian War: Year of Freedom 578-590

The Second Stygian War: Year of Freedom 648-650

Keita's Wings series:

227-228 ahd (Year of Freedom 649-650)

Vespucian/Spectra treaties signed: Year of Freedom 679