YA fantasy fiction, clean books for teens, shape-shifting, magic kingdoms, elemental abilities, indie publication, princesses, fairy tales, nanowrimo winner, desert setting
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Works in progress:

The Spectra Crowns Tales

Spectra have kept their elemental abilities hidden from humans for centuries, but the world is about to change...

This open series picks up twenty years after the Keita's Wings series. They are inspired by fairytales during a time when humans and Spectra must learn to coexist, loosely based on early America.

The Seventh Clan (Beauty and the Beast) in Kindle Vella and amazon, 

The Dream Realm (Sleeping Beauty) in kindle vella

The Cousin Pact (Twelve Dancing Princesses)

The Captain's Dowry:

Sal lives a double life—half at sea as her father's cabin boy, and half at a fine finishing school. Both worlds turn upside down when her father sells his ship and her hand in marriage. If her new husband thinks she'll stay quietly at home while he sails off into the sunset, he can think again. She won't stop until she finds a way to be herself—both of them. 

The Captain's Dowry is a fantasy romance inspired by Shakespeare's As You Like It (with a hint of King Lear), set twenty years after The Spectra Crown Tales.

This is my NaNoWriMo project for 2021. 

Publishing date unknown.

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